Food lovers kaalulangus system kit. OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL8 + mm EZ Kit, white/silver VWE - ee

There will always be moments or events that need animation to come alive. Belgian fries, mussels, and waffles, the best chocolate in the world together with the best beer brewing in Belgium date back to the 12th century!

Also nicknamed The Venice of the North for its quaint canals, where gorgeous swans have been swimming since the 15th century, Bruges is the center of the Northern Renaissance, home to the Flemish Primitives painters, and some unexpected surprises such as a sculpture by Michelangelo. In Bruges, you also will have the opportunity to learn all about laces, an important part of the Belgian cultural heritage.

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Brussels will offer you a totally different experience. This multicultural, cosmopolitan but yet pleasant and hospitable city, is the heart of the European Union, geographically and politically!

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You will stroll around the market of the most beautiful square in Europe, the Grand Place, ringed by gold-trimmed gabled guild-houses, and the many art nouveau and art deco houses. Fold down the touch screen and the mirrorless camera automatically switches into selfie mode.

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Hello gorgeous, bye-bye odd contortions! Even taking a photo of your entire outfit is easier than ever. Connected to a smartphone, this compact system camera is the amazing and attractive photographic assistant our PEN Lovers have been dreaming of.

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Live your passion Soft light that caresses lovingly arranged items; a takeaway coffee turned into a piece of art; food creations so special, you want to share them with the PEN Generation and the rest of the world. Several PEN Posts show you how.

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Allow the varied Art Filters to inspire your creativity and infuse your images with a distinctive mood. Seeing the effects of the Art Filters in live view makes choosing the right one easier than ever before.

Move it Sometimes a simple photo says more than a thousand words.

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